826. A teacher says “Let’s get down to business”, and a muggleborn in the back yells “to defeat the Huns”. All the muggleborns join in: “DID THEY SEND ME DAUGHTERS, WHEN I ASKED, FOR SONS”. The purebloods are staring at them like they’re some sort of sacrificial cult.

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Fics with interesting concepts but have terrible grammar and all the names are spelled wrong make me want to tear my fucking hair out.


If a female character kicks ass, she’s overpowered. If a female character can’t defend herself, she’s unnecessary. If a female character acts nice, she’s boring. If a female character acts mean, she’s a bitch. If a female character shows no emotion, she’s heartless. If a female character shows emotion, she’s weak. What can a female character do without being criticized mercilessly?

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